Jonathan Hassid

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Department of Political Science
Iowa State University
503 Ross Hall
Ames IA 50010 USA

US Citizen, Australian Citizen


Iowa State University

   Associate Professor, Department of Political Science

o   Jul 2018-

   Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science

o   Jan 2015-Jul 2018

University of Technology, Sydney

   Postoctoral Research Fellow (5 year position), China Research Centre

o   July 2010—October 2014


University of California, Berkeley

   Ph.D., Political Science (May 2010)

o   Dissertation: Pressing Back—The Struggle for Control Over China’s Journalists

o   Committee: Kevin J. O’Brien (chair), Lowell Dittmer, Todd LaPorte, Tom Gold

o   Fields: Comparative Politics, East Asian Politics, Public Administration

     M.A., Political Science (2004)

o   Master’s project: Power for Sale—The Political Rationale and Consequences of the PLA’s Business Empire, 1978-1998

Amherst College

     B.A., Asian Languages and Civilizations (2002)

o   Magna Cum Laude, China Concentration


-     "Why Chinese Print Journalists Embrace the Internet" with Maria Repnikova. (2016). Vol. 17, No. 7.  Journalism.

-     "China's Responsiveness to Internet Opinion: A Double-edged Sword". (2015). Vol. 44, No. 2.  Journal of Current Chinese Affairs.

     "Doing Good or Doing Nothing? Celebrity, Media and Philanthropy in China” with Elaine Jeffreys. (2015). Vol. 35, No. 10.  Third World Quarterly.

     "Scandals, Media and Government Responsivenes in China and Kenya” with Jennifer N. Brass. (2014).  Journal of Asian and African Studies.

     "State of Mind: Power, Time Zones and Symbolic State Centralization” with Bartholomew Watson. (2014). Vol. 23, No. 2. (Jul.), 167-194  Time and Society.

     “Amplifying Silence: Uncertainty and Control Parables in Contemporary China” with Rachel E. Stern (2012).  Comparative Political Studies. Vol. 45, No. 10 (Oct.), 212-230.

      “Safety Valve or Pressure Cooker? Blogs in Chinese Political Life,” (2012).  Journal of Communication. Vol. 62 (Apr.), 212-230.

      “Four Models of the Fourth Estate: A Typology of Contemporary Chinese Journalists,” (2011).  China Quarterly. No. 208 (Dec.), 813-32.

      “China’s Contentious Journalists: Reconceptualizing the Media,” (2008).  Problems of Post-Communism. Vol. 55, No. 4, (July/Aug.), 52-61.

      “Controlling the Chinese Media: An Uncertain Business,” (2008).  Asian Survey. Vol. 48, No. 3, (May/June), 414-30.

Working and Conference Papers

     “Comparing Subnational Identity in China and the USA"

o   Presented at the Asian Studies Association of Australia's biennial meeting, Sydney, AUS (Jul, 2018)

     “China's Everyday State: How National Symbols Can Build and Maintain State Power"

o   Poster presented at the American Political Science Association Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA (Sep, 2013)

     Keynote address “Shuzi Shidaihua Zhongguo Zhimei Hangye De Shouhui Xianxiang (Chinese Newspaper Industry Corruption in the Digital Age)", presented in Mandarin Chinese

o   Presented at Zhongguo Baoye Yu Ronghe Tiaozhan Guoji Yanjiuhui (The Chinese Newspaper Industry and its Mixed Challenges, Media International Research Conference), Hong Kong, CHINA (Jun, 2017)

     “Corruption, Censorship, the Media and the Market in China"

o   Presented at the Midwest Political Science Association Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL (Mar, 2013)

     “China's Everyday State: How National Symbols Can Build and Maintain State Power"

o   Poster presented at the American Political Science Association Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA (Sep, 2013)

     “The Hidden Dangers of China's State Responsiveness to Internet Opinion"

o   Presented at the Association for Asian Studies annual meeting, Chicago, IL (Mar, 2015)

     “Place Names, Symbolic Power, and the Chinese State”

o  Presented at the workshop on Chinese Symbolic Power in Comparative Perspective, Sydney (Aug. 2013)

     “The Politics of China's Emerging Micro-blogs: Something New or More of the Same?”

o   Was to have been presented at the (subsequently canceled) American Political Science Association Annual Meeting, New Orleans LA (Fall, 2012)

     “Frenemy: How Chinese Print Journalists Perceive and Use the Internet,” with Maria Repnikova

o   Under review. Presented at the 10th Annual China Internet Research Conference, Los Angeles CA (May, 2012)

     “Chinese Government Responsiveness to Internet Opinion: Promising but Dangerous”

o   Under review

Fellowships, Grants and Awards

     2017-2020: Lucken Faculty Fellowship, Iowa State University

Early Career Researcher Grant, University of Technology, Sydney

Research Development Award, University of Technology, Sydney

     Fall 2009: 
China Times Cultural Foundation Young Scholar Award

     Spring 2009: 
Shung Ye Taiwanese Aboriginal Studies Fellowship (with Ray I. Orr)

     Spring 2008: 
Fulbright-Hays DDRA Fellowship (China)

     Spring 2006: 
Berkeley Graduate Division Academic Progress Award

Amherst College John Woodruff Simpson Fellowship

     Summer 2005: 
Center for Chinese Studies Summer Grant

     Summer 2005: 
Berkeley Graduate Division Summer Grant

Berkeley Graduate Division Fellowship

Amherst College Memorial Fellowship

Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Summer Grant

Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Academic Year Grant

Teaching Interests

     Comparative Politics

o  Introduction to Comparative Politics

o  Asian Politics

o  Chinese Politics

o  Thinking about the State

o  Power

o  Symbolic Politics

     Political Communication

o  Comparative Media Politics

o  The Media under Authoritarianism

    Public Administration

o  Organization Theory

o  Governance Theory

     International Relations

o  Introduction to International Relations

o  International Relations in Asia

Teaching Experience

     Spring 2015: Instructor, Chinese Politics and Introduction to International Studies

     Fall 2013: Course Co-Coordinator at UTS (with Prof. Andrew Jakubowicz), Transnational Media

     Spring 2009: Graduate Student Instructor, Political Science 140e, Extreme Encounters with Power.  Prof: Kevin J. O’Brien

    Spring 2007: Graduate Student Instructor, Political Science 143c, Chinese Politics.  Prof: Kevin J. O’Brien

    Fall 2005: Graduate Student Instructor, Political Science 124c, Ethics and Justice in International Affairs.  Prof: Amy Gurowitz

     Spring 2005: Graduate Student Instructor, Political Science 2, Introduction to Comparative Politics.  Prof: Andrew Janos

     Fall 2004: Graduate Student Instructor, Political Science 120, Introduction to International Relations.  Prof: Amy Gurowitz

Academic Affiliations

Peking University (Beijing, China)

     Visiting Scholar, Media and Communications Research Institute  (2007-2008

     Exchange student, language training (Spring 2001)

Qinghua University (Beijing, China)

     IUP Summer Abroad Program (Summer 2004)

Professional Activities

Manuscript Reviewer

o   Journal of Communication

o   American Sociological Review

o   The China Journal

o   International Journal of Press/Politics

o   Asian Survey

o   Pacific Journalism Review

o   Communication, Politics and Culture

o   And others



o   English

o   Mandarin Chinese


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